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About Me

Abhinav Gupta

Salesforce MVP(8x) & Enthusiast

Abhinav Gupta is a tech leader specialising in Salesforce and Web3 technologies. He’s been delivering software for worldwide enterprises businesses since 2004 and is a frequent speaker at various domestic and international tech events. Abhinav was the first Salesforce MVP from India, a title he’s held for eight years. In 2022, he focused on learning Web3 and earned a Blockchain certification from IIT Kanpur. He co-authored the book “ Tips & Tricks” and has made notable open-source contributions.

Banner of Abhinav Gupta at Trailhead DX 2019
Featured at TrailheadDX 2019 (India)

Speaker Journey

Since 2012, Abhinav is delivering sessions/presentations/webinars on Salesforce, Web2, Mobile and Web3 in many domestic IRL(In Real Life) and online meetups, community events like Dreamin and international events like Dreamforce.

2011 - Became Salesforce MVP

1st from India to be rewarded with MVP (Most Valuable Professional) title in 2011, renewed the same for eight consecutive years for Salesforce platform expertise, and contributions towards Trailblazer community.

Judged $1Million hackathon at Dreamforce 2014.

I am honoured and humbled to be a judge in the final round of $1 Million hack at #DF14, along with other solid jury panel and talented hackers.

Web3 Certifications

Abhinav Spent Most Of His 2022 Acquiring And Learning Web3 Technologies, Including A Professional Certification Course From Reputed IIT Kanpur About “Blockchain”. He Is Well Versed With NFTs(Art, PFP, Token Gating, Etc.) And How Various Smart Contracts And Other Stuff Are Tied Up Together. ​

My Salesforce Certifications

My Education

My Contributions to Open Source

This library contains a key class called “LREngine” i.e. “L”ookup “R”ollup Engine, which:

  • Performs rollup on multiple such fields in a single aggregate SOQL query.

  • Allows easy addition/removal of new fields to rollup as requirement changes over the period.

  • A developer must write only a single trigger for multiple rollup fields.

  • Allows the developer to filter the child records getting rolled up, just like standard roll-up summary fields.


  1. Related Article in Salesforce Tech Library by Andrew Fawcett

  2. Used in popular GitHub project declarative-lookup-rollup-summaries.


“Tolerado: Java Client Wrappers for Salesforce SOAP web services” is a SOAP + Java + Salesforce integration framework to support transparent retrying of recoverable exceptions rather than failing hard and caching session IDs to save API calls. It’s a pretty popular lib for SOAP-based integrations. It is featured in the Salesforce developer blog and a book named “Salesforce Handbook” by Salesforce MVPs Wes Nolte and Jeff Douglas.
View on Google Code
Move to GitHub now, as Google code is shut down. Find the project on the following links:

Apex wrapper on Apex DOM classes(Document, XmlNode). It exposes W3C DOM API for XML manipulation, which is pretty popular and known to most developers, so saves development time and cost on integration projects. It’s pretty popular and featured in Mar’10 Salesforce developer newsletter as well.

Forcecom Tips and Tricks Front Page

Co-authored a Salesforce Book In Jan’13

Author of internationally-selling Cloud Computing and Salesforce book “ Tips & Tricks”

Concretio Logo left side ballon and horizontal resolution

My favourite place of work

Quick Summary - Our Journey

  1. Above a decade in business, founded in January 2013, when I decided to leave full-time Salesforce jobs.
  2. Two tiers partner with Salesforce, i.e. Consulting (PDO) & ISV.  
  3. Made 60+ Salesforce customers successful. 
  4. Delivered nearly 30+ AppExchange apps for customers.
  5. Team of 80+ Salesforce Experts, 180+ certifications.
  6. Our clients are some of the largest enterprises globally, including Amazon UAE (, Automobili Pininfarina (Division of Mahindra & Mahindra, based in Germany), and some of the largest AppExchange Apps.

Our offerings

  • We are Salesforce certified “Level I Specialist PDO”. Our brains are behind some of the most prominent apps on AppExchange. 
  • With Marketing Cloud, beyond building Journeys, we created complex custom Journey builder activities that integrate with 3rd party SAAS solutions using NodeJS, React and AWS. 
  • Our team delivered Smart Contracts and dynamic NFTs and helped many artists & businesses find their way into Web3 Maze. We got early access(pilot) to Salesforce Web3 Cloud and presented our research at WITDreamin and Salesforce Architect Summit. 
  • Open Source Commitment - Our brains are behind some of the most popular and featured Salesforce Github repositories.