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Auto geocoding & geofenced mobile notifications for Salesforce Accounts

Auto geocoding (no code) of addresses in CRM objects like Accounts, Leads and Contacts came recently in summer’16 release. This was great as one just needs to setup clean rules, and you will get latitude and longitude populated for free. We will let you learn more about the well documented piece from Salesforce Summer’16 release notes.

In this post we are going to see a video demo of a mobile app built on top of this clean rules feature. Here is quick brief of the app:

  1. Targeted for Sales people on the go/road.
  2. Idea is to generate mobile notifications/alerts when they are approaching close to an Account. 
  3. This alert will come when they are near a configurable perimeter around that Account, say 1 KM. This could be easily done in the app. 
  4. This app is built using Cordova, Ionic, Angular JS and HTML/CSS.
  5. Salesforce data is integrated via REST APIs.
  6. OAuth for getting Salesforce access tokens.

Full Video Demo

A picture is worth a thousand words !

Thus, I thought video will be worth millions of words. Please have a look at full demo video about the app:

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All Ionic tempalte code for your creativity pleasure. 
  1. built with Ionic framework
  2. built with Ionic 2 framework
  3. built with Ember.js, Cordova, Material Design


Big thanks to my team mate Amjad Khan from Concretio, who worked hard and is key force in bringing up this idea to life.

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