Redefining Self-Expression: Minting Selfies into NFTs

Selfies are crucial, especially during community events, when people are vibing with each other; we…

  • Web3
  • March 1, 2023
Nike’s Billion $ NFT Powerplay

How Nike is making most out of Web3 in a short informative video

NFT Art generated by Midjourney
  • AI
  • January 22, 2023
NFT Collectors, don’t buy AI-Puke!

What's AI-Puke? It refers to flawed art generated by AI tools like MidJourney, Stable Diffusion,…

WIT Dreamin Collage about Pre-event Dinner, Session and Afterparty
My WITDreamin’22 – Community, Networking, NFTs/Web3

I'm still buzzing from my incredible experience at WITDreamin'22 in Jaipur. As someone passionate about…

Raffle Tickets as Dynamic NFTs
Raffle Tickets as Dynamic NFTs

Bringing more transparency to Raffle tickets and their draws will be exciting. We achieved it…

Salesforce FREE NFT on Crypto Donations via Salesforce Experience Cloud
Dynamic FREE NFT, on Crypto Donations via Experience Cloud

This post extends the Crypto Donations use case covered in the previous post - Web3…

Crypto Donations via Smart Contracts in Salesforce Communities / Experience Cloud
Web3 Crypto Donations using SF Experience Cloud

The key idea was to let donors make anonymous crypto donations through smart contracts on…