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ChatGPT might lose its sizzle; why?

Rise of embedded GenerativeAI in top enterprise apps, with more context and security limits the need to hit ChatGPT for everything

How the rise of embedded AI in various existing and popular enterprise apps like Google Workplace, Zoho, Salesforce & Squarespace will lead to more data security, high-quality generative results, and possibly more cost savings.


#1 Trust Issues

Customer data is of utmost importance for any small or big enterprise. Feeding it into external systems makes enterprises uncomfortable and is mostly not permitted by policies or contracts.

#2 Integrated Prompts

Lately, almost all enterprise apps like Google Workplace, Salesforce, Zoho etc., offer generative AI or prompt-based solutions for their customers, which avoids the need to copy or export enterprise data into ChatGPT.

#3 Accurate Results

The enterprise apps understand their customer’s data & behaviour. AI models trained on that data can generate more accurate and relevant results forex.

Example 1: Gmail’s generative AI response is based on the current user’s writing style, past discussions, and much more to generate better-quality responses. Chat GPT is confined to text copied for the prompt. Check the following video to see the integrated AI productivity boost coming to Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

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Example 2: Salesforce GPT offerings can do similar things, i.e., writing Code, Emails, and much more, closely aligned to enterprise behaviour.

The following video is from Salesforce AI Day: An exclusive event with Marc Benioff and various community & enterprise leaders.

How about Generative AI-written code in Salesforce?

Check this post in the Salesforce blog about “Einstein GPT for Salesforce Developers.”, that talks about Generative AI for code (Apex) and much more.

#4 Save 20$/Month/User

For a company with 50 active ChatGPT users, it will cost 50×20$ = 1000$/month in licenses.

For generating docs, sheets, presentations, emails, and enterprise reports, Generative AI offered by Google/Salesforce is more accurate and avoids enterprise data leaks.

Some of the enterprise generative AI offerings

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