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Chatter enhancements in Winter’13 release !

Feeling for reading salesforce release notes is close what I feel when I am unpacking a shipped gadget, its same excitement to see and feel.

Here are my fav. chatter features from this winter’13 release

Chatter Polls

Just like Facebook, it allows one to easily create polls that will appear in chatter feed. This would really help, because I previously achieved the same by counting like on comments(venue options in the example below)

creating chatter polls

Creating chatter polls via the new “Poll” tab

Chatter poll options

how users will see poll in the feed.

chatter poll results

Feed after voting is done


Other Chatter enhancements

  1. New setup screen for customizing Chatter Influence

  2. Post to a selected group or your followers directly.

  3. Chatter desktop got some features from chatter web version like

    1. “Like comments” < I miss that a lot in chatter desktop good add for sure.

    2. View a list of people who like a post or comment

    3. View files attached to comments

    4. etc

  4. Rich media previews for links, here is a how a mashable post will look like on sharing the link

    chatter rich media previews
  5. Reporting on chatter activity based on various interesting points like

    chatter reporting
  6. Only 72 hours worth of history is available in Chatter messenger, if the complete history is available that could be better and more enterprise grade.

  7. Again like facebook, you can see and control who can see your post

    chatter post visiblity
  8. Unfollow a record without any activity in 45 days, this feature is good but might be risky sometimes. Salesforce should let users follow as much they want like facebook/twitter, the 500 subscription limit hurts.

Know more about Winter’13 release here :

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