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Chatter Share button for Salesforce & Publishers–Preview !


I am no more involved in active development of this button, and strongly believe that it should come from Salesforce only, this is specially *CRITICAL* for the data security reasons of enterprise customers. Based on early feedback I got about this button, major concern raised was. How info-sec team of my org can trust and approve this button regarding illegal use of sensitive enterprise data ?This point makes sense to me, as this button requires OAuth token access to the org. So, please consider this as a hobby project from my side and I would like to see Salesforce to deliver something like this in near future.

For now, to solve the security point, I am planning to create a browser plugin for the same (stay tuned for more updates !)

Social sharing buttonsChatter share button is something being asked for since launch of Chatter. A Share button for chatter will basically do the same thing as Twitter’s tweet button or Linked In’s share button does i.e. share a link to the social platform.

Idea to develop a share button for Salesforce chatter was bugging me since Chatter launch, but got a chance to complete this button recently, with huge help from Prateek, he is lead engineer for this button and turned this idea into reality.

How it will look like ?

We are almost done with development of the share button for Chatter, and this will be released for public access soon in this month after final touch up and testing. Here is how it will look like once released:Share button for Salesforce Chatter

Preview Video

Here is a preview video that quickly shows the a link sharing and required configurations.


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