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DF16 – Community Powered Circles of Success with MVPs

“Circles of success” is an amazing approach towards interactive group conversations, where focus is for like minder customers to come together as a small group, and start a more engaging unscripted discussion with each other. These discussions are good for getting tips about “getting starting” and “adoption” related topics. What I liked most here is, its customer to customer interaction, which opens great possibilities to share real life knowledge, earned out of solving real business challenges.

Dreamforce’16 is offering nearly 141 “Circles of success” sessions, which are based on all good variety of topics for customer, admins and developers (check below)

Whats the icing on the cake ?

The same circles of success are super charged and led by Salesforce MVPs. There are three MVP led sessions named “MVP-Led Community Powered Circles”. These sessions will cover topics like:

  • Lightning 

  • Training

  • Adoption

  • Platform Development

  • Integrations

  • Many more….

To get you even more excited, following is the list of Salesforce MVPs, who will be joining you on a discussion table. I am sure, you will not miss a chance to get expert advise and interact 1:1 with them.

Abhinav Gupta, Andrew Fawcett, Agustina Garcia, Aiden Martin, Alex Sutherland, Amber Neill Boaz, Andy Ognenoff, Ashima Saigal, Bryan Boroughf, Kelly Bentubo, Elizabeth Davidson, Brendan Conroy, Carlos Vazquez, Caroline renard, Christine Pechter, Jennifer Wobser, Denise Carbone, David Giller, Deepa Patel, Francis Pindar, Fabien Taillon, Gaurav Kheterpal, Nana Gregg, Sarah Deutsch, Jeff May, Jeremiah dohn, Jitendra Zaa, Jocelyn fennewald, Jodi Wagner, Jon tresko, Karen Fitton, Kartik Viswanadha, Keir Bowden, Kerry McDonough, Kathy Ecklund, Lars nielsen, Hoffer Leyna, Longe, Michael Gill, Mike Martin, Mohith shrivastava, Nik Panter, Peter Churchill, Peter Chalmers, Phil Weinmeister, Phillip Southern, Rebecca Lammers, Rhonda Ross, Lauren Jordan, Samuel De Rycke, Sharif Shaalan, Sharon Klardie, Steve Molis, Susan Thayer, Tracy Kronzak, Vinay chaturvedi, William Nourse             

I’m sure you will be looking to enrol in these circles of success discussions with MVPs, here are all the details about these sessions, with links to enrol as well:

  1. MVP-Led Community-Powered Circles (1)

    • Tuesday, October 4, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

    • Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, Plaza Ballroom

    • Enrol Now

  2. MVP-Led Community-Powered Circles (2)

    • Wednesday, October 5, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    • Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, Plaza Ballroom

    • Enrol Now

  3. MVP-Led Community-Powered Circles (3)

    • Thursday, October 6, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

    • Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, Plaza Ballroom

    • Enrol Now 

What’s next ? 

Come ready to share your experience. The best way to get the most out of these sessions is to listen to others, ask questions and share what you have learned.

Key resources and links to learn more ? 

There are several places you can get more Circles of Success. Our Virtual Circle offering here features 30+ topics offered weekly. To collaborate with other customers and for Circles of Success content, join our community group here.

Thanks – Mia Velasco !

Dear readers, e-meet Mia Velasco from Salesforce, she works in Customer Success Group at Salesforce. Her primary focus is the success of Salesforce customers.

I met Mia few months back, at a Salesforce event in Chicago. We discussed about effectiveness of “Circles of success” programme, and she tossed an idea of doing the same at Dreamforce with MVPs. Myself and many other MVPs were immediately hooked up to the concept, and here we are now with this “Community powered circles of success” programme about to go live in few days.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mia, she is very open and cooperative since starting, and did a fabulous job of connecting all dots of Salesforce community together.

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