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Dreamforce 2023: A Recap of the Unforgettable Highlights

Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce’s premier event from Sep 12-14, wowed attendees with innovation and inspiration. With 1,500+ sessions and 40,000 in-person, it was a landmark AI event. CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote stole the show: “Now everyone is an Einstein – Data + AI + CRM + Trust”.

Dreamforce Key announcements

Einstein 1 Platform

Source Credits Salesforce Plus

Announced at Dreamforce 2023, The Einstein 1 Platform enables you to leverage your data, create low-code AI applications, and revolutionise your CRM experiences.

It unifies a toolkit for seamlessly integrating AI into your workflows.

It can handle thousands of metadata-enabled objects for each customer, gives flexibility to tailor AI solutions.

Einstein Copilot & Einstein Copilot Studio

Einstein Copilot is for all Salesforce Clouds
Source Credits Salesforce Plus

Meet Einstein Copilot – Salesforce’s very own generative AI assistant. But it doesn’t stop there; there’s also Einstein Copilot Studio, packed with elements like Prompt Builder, Skills Builder, and Model Builder.

With Prompt Builder, you can easily create and deploy AI prompts right within Salesforce. 

The Skills Builder lets you grant generative AI capabilities to users based on their roles in Salesforce Flows.

 And with Model Builder, you have a selection of AI models to choose from, including Salesforce’s own LLM or those from their trusted partners.

 It’s AI assistance like you’ve never experienced before, right in your Salesforce ecosystem.

Learn more on Einstein 1 Platform, Einstein Copilot & Einstein Copilot Studio:

Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses

Salesforce is now offering free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses for customers using the Enterprise or Unlimited edition. 

With this free package, you’ll receive 2 Tableau creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 profiles.

Learn more

New Slack Innovations

New Slack Innovations announced at Dreamforce 2023
Source Credits Salesforce Plus

Slack AI: Get ready for more intelligent conversations! Slack’s AI now provides thread summaries, channel recaps, and quick search answers, making it easier than ever to find and organize information.

Automation: Simplify your workflow with Slack’s Workflow Builder. This feature streamlines tasks, helping you save time and focus on what matters most.

Slack Lists: Keep projects, product launches, and approvals in check with Slack Lists. This feature allows you to efficiently manage your tasks and stay on top of your to-do list.

Data Graphs in Data Cloud

Data Graphs in Data Cloud offer a powerful way to visualize intricate data connections between Data Model Objects. 

In Prompt Builder, Data Graphs function much like merge fields, making it easier for you to work with and display data seamlessly. 

Data Graph in Data Cloud
Source Credits Salesforce

Net Zero Cloud 

In the ever-evolving landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, Net Zero Cloud emerges as a solution to simplify compliance for companies facing shifting regulations.

Net Data Cloud: ESG Data
Source Credits Salesforce

This innovative platform introduces two new game-changing capabilities:

1. CSRD Report Builder

Seamlessly generate comprehensive reports tailored to the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) standards, ensuring your company’s compliance is a breeze.

2. Materiality Assessment

Effortlessly evaluate and prioritize the material aspects of your sustainability efforts, helping you focus on what truly matters in your ESG journey.

And there’s more to come! Keep an eye out for Einstein for Net Zero Cloud, expected to arrive in Spring 2024.

Learn more :

New Industry Cloud: Life Sciences Cloud

Welcome to the future of life sciences with the all-new Life Sciences Cloud—a specialised platform designed exclusively for the life sciences sector.

It’s a tailor-made solution with architecture meticulously crafted to accelerate your onboarding process onto the Salesforce platform. 

Creating Million Jobs

In a bold prediction, IDC anticipates that Salesforce will reach a remarkable revenue milestone of $2.02 trillion by the year 2028.

IDC foresees an astounding 18 million new global jobs created, resulting in a net gain of 11.6 million employees by 2028.

Salesforce & Google Partnership

With the seamless integration of Google Workspace and Salesforce, you can ensure that your content is relevant and tailored to meet your audience’s specific needs.

This synergy also allows you to keep your Salesforce records up to date by harnessing the insights from Google Workspace. 

Also, you can scale your automation processes effectively, ensuring that your business operates at its peak potential. 

Learn more about the Salesforce & Google partnership at:

More about Dreamforce 2023

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