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Unlock the Full Potential: How Einstein AI is Revolutionising Salesforce

This post gives quick overview of How Einstein’s AI Offerings Impact Seven Critical Salesforce Clouds and Verticals.

Einstein GPT for Sales

  • Boost sales team productivity with automation

  • Replace web forms with real-time chats

  • Determine unlikely closing opportunities

  • Prioritise leads & opportunities

  • Gain insights from sales calls

  • Speed prospecting with AI

  • Deliver recommendations

  • Automate CRM data

Einstein GPT for Service

  • Generate knowledge articles from historical case notes

  • Automate case prediction and routing and receive smart suggestions and recommendations

  • Enhance support with AI-driven chatbots to ensure customer satisfaction through tailored and efficient service interactions

Einstein GPT for Marketing

  • AI-driven content generation for personalised engagement

  • Reach customers and prospects effectively across email, mobile, web, and advertising platforms

  • Access customer insights, coordinate intelligent pathways, offer timely recommendations, and harness Einstein for Marketing’s add-on capabilities

Einstein GPT for Commerce

  • Anticipate search intent, offer precise recommendations, customise sorting, and enhance search

  • Enhance customer segmentation & targeting by identifying customer groups with similar interests & needs

  • Craft attractive product descriptions, & automate customer support

  • Improve conversion rates with more info on products of customer’s interest

Einstein GPT for CRM Analytics

  • Build AI apps with/without templates

  • Deploy custom ML predictions & analytics with KPIs

  • Extract keywords using ML; use in predictive models

  • Utilise Snowflake for Salesforce predictions

  • Create multiple models; automate with ML

  • Manage data; analyse with charts & metrics

Einstein GPT for Slack Customer 360 Apps

  • Sales: Auto-generate summaries, recommendations, and messages to save time

  • Service: Solve cases faster with AI solutions; auto-summarise for team knowledge

  • Dev/IT: Auto-scan channels; summarise root cause analysis to save hours

  • Marketing: Auto-create copy and images for blogs, emails, socials, and ads

Einstein GPT for Admin & Developers

  • Boost productivity with Salesforce Research’s proprietary language model

  • AI chat assistant for code generation & language-specific queries, ideal for languages like Apex

  • Develop AI-driven interactions

  • Integrate into apps, infuse AI into workflows, and access extra features via the Salesforce Platform


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