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Einstein Recommendation Builder – Patient Fever Treatment (Healthcare Demo Video)

Lets start by watching the following live demo video

A Use Case for Fever Patients

  • A recommendation engine has been developed using Einstein technology. This engine generates customised medical advice for individuals suffering from fever based on their current health conditions.
  • The algorithm takes into account multiple factors such as age, comprehensive medical history, and other pertinent health data to formulate individualized recommendations.

Schema and Object Definitions

Three primary objects are integral to this system: the Recipient Object, the Recommendation Object, and the Interaction Object.

  1. The “Patient” serves as the Recipient Object, designated to receive the tailored recommendations.
  2. The “Precaution” functions as the Recommendation Object, which is the subject of the recommendations being made.
  3. The “Precaution Undertaking” acts as the Interaction Object, mediating the relationship between the Patient and the Precaution.

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