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Fast Apex Xml Dom API Project Started !

Apex Spring 10 Dom classes (XmlNode, Document) were reviewed a few days back. I wrote following two blog posts To fill the gaps mentioned, I have started writing a “Xml Dom” wrapper around Spring 10 classes. This wrapper Xml Dom is named “Apex Fast Xml DOM” and is hosted on Google code (link). The sole motive of “Apex Fast Xml DOM” is to

  1. Reduce the heavy script limit usage using Spring 10 Apex DOM Classes internally.

  2. Provide a simple and easy to use API, that we are habitual of. No need to learn any new syntax. The APIs exposed will be similar to what some of you guys are already using i.e. Ron Hess XMLDOM.cls OR the standard DOM API’s listed here at

I would love to get your ideas around how API can be made more faster and cleaner. If you are interested to join as committer, please let me know.

For more details on this project please check the official Google Code WIKI page here.


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