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Fast Apex XML DOM updated with 3 new Node APIs

Today I was done with coding the 3 important missing API’s in Fast Apex XML DOM’s TODO list. The latest code is checked into Google Code SVN. Following are the newly added API’s to TG_XmlNode.cls

  1. appendChild()     Adds a new child node to the end of the list of children of a node

  2. cloneNode()      Clones a node 

  3. getElementsByTagNameNS() Returns element for node’s local name and namespace

    Regarding TODO’s, moving forward my prime motive is to write quality docs to best use this API. Even I am planning to add docs for the Spring 10 Apex DOM classes, as the salesforce documentation is not having good samples and clear descriptions of the APIs.

    For more details on Fast Apex XML DOM’s TODO check this page. Its updated for these recent changes.


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