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Fixing connection issues with Salesforce Servers in browser & IDE.

If you are guy who “loves to” or ”has to” work from multiple locations i.e. home, office, client site & coffee shops etc. Then you might have faced the problem connecting to Salesforce and some other web destinations.

For me this problem appears sometimes in browser, but most of the times in IDE, when a page/class/trigger is saved or refreshed, it either

  • fails to connect to salesforce api serves i.e. etc.
  • shows this progress forever “Polling Server ‘’ for response(2)”
  • Response time for refresh/save is difference across spaces, for ex. runs faster in coffee shop but, runs slower in office network.

Fortunately for me the fix was very simple, I just need to execute this command to flush the DNS cache, after this it starts working well with immediate effect. Here is the command that can solve the problem in Mac OS (Snow Leopard+) :

$ dscacheutil –flushcache

I haven’t tried it on other platforms. So to flush DNS cache, for older mac versions, linux and windows, one can try commands mentioned in this link :

More thoughts ?

Do you have any easier fix for this, please share !

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