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How our team masters Salesforce using Trailhead ?

I recently came across this tweet from Salesforce Trailhead, its about sharing your trail blazer story.

I found it quite interesting, as Trailhead is base and the way we learn and groom ourselves at Concretio Apps. Trailhead is part of our 20 Days Salesforce internal training programme. We shared the same story in a Salesforce DUG meet sometime back (slides). The same Salesforce training process is more refined by our practice of 2 years, so I thought of re-sharing the same with a video demo (below).

What is our training approach ? 

We mix Trailhead’s modules, trails, and exercises with, an online project managed solution. Teamwork offers a way to create task templates, which could quickly create task lists for anyone. We have these well defined tasks in such templates for Salesforce Training. Each of our task definition is:

  1. bound by a date range to complete based on time guidelines on trailhead.

  2. having links to trails, modules and exercises from Trailhead related to a concept, for ex. SOQL or Apex. 

How does this works ?

  1. Whenever we have a new hire from non-salesforce background, a new task-list is created using the same training task template. 

  2. A senior developer or architect gives overview of the given day’s content to speed up the learning process. 

  3. New hire blazes the trails, and shares his path to glory(badges) with team members. 

  4. After 20 days with reading, and hands on exercises, new hire is ready to assist a senior resource in some live project.

We previously used PPT slides to train, it was tough to

  1. Keep them updated with Salesforce’s new releases 

  2. Keeping them organised and sorted out for different admin or developer learning paths.

Check out this video, which shares a complete overview and demo of how we use Trailhead.

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Looking forward to your TrailBlazer story!

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