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IE 9 Chrome Firefox Opera, IE still a loser !

Internet Explorer 9 is available for test drive @ I am not an IE fan. I only use IE as a developer, to fix my web applications with IE specific issues. I trust acid tests as its widely accepted open web standard for web related tests. So I tried to do a quick comparison of IE-8, IE-9, Webkit(Chrome + Safari), Firefox, Opera on the basis of these acid tests.

Acid Test Scores

I checked IE Blog long time back when IE 9 was in development and was just scoring 32/100 in acid tests.

Even today when Microsoft released IE 9 for test drive, and scores are 55/100.


With these scores IE-9 is clearly a failure, specially when current publically available browsers like chrome, safari, opera are scoring 100/100 and Firefox scored 94/100 on my machine.

IE’s present version (IE 8) that is available publically is a failure as per acid tests. Check the screen shot below.

So IE-8 is for sure no where in competition.

To Conclude based on Acid Tests

To conclude I would say, Internet Explorer is a FAILURE even IE 9. Microsoft is just blessed by a fact that most of normal PC users never think of switching their browsers, even some don’t know there are other better browsers available. So that might be the reason why Microsoft is still most widely used web browser with scores of a failure.

What really surprises me most is “How open source and community driven products like WebKit, Firefox beat Microsoft’s web browser in a brutal way, even the latest generation of IE is no where in competition. IE is also not a new Microsoft product, its most experienced browser of all, if I’m not wrong”. Seem Microsoft needs to hire better developers !

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