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jQuery-Mobile, HTML5, Javascript Remoting and Visualforce in Cooking !

For fun of cooking a mobile application, my peer developer Jagdeep developed a jQuery mobile based app prototype using Visualforce pages and Javascript Remoting on

Here is a quick demo video of this application.

We’re happy about this small experiment because of a few reasons

  • Speed: The application was developed and demoable in 2 days, that includes learning jQuery mobile.

  • Fun: Apart from usual touch support and CSS styling for mobile, the application was supporting gestures and orientation(portrait and landscape), this is fun to do and learn.

  • Integrity: Solution was working like charm in Android and iPhone browsers, all using technologies like

    • Sobjects: For storing attendance records.

    • Visualforce: The application container that holds jQuery mobile and everything else.

    • Javascript Remoting: It helped us a lot, JSON was used for querying, creating and updating the records. We played easily with JSON using the remoting, both Sobjects and custom Apex types are easily transferred back and forth between Javascript and Apex.


What’s next ?

We are planning to create another version of this app, using

  • PhoneGap

  • Use same Sobejct Data Model with Apex REST webservices and Java(Heroku)

Mobile is fun for sure 🙂

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