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Location Glimpse – Chatter Developer Challenge Submission

“Location Glimpse” is a salesforce chatter based location sharing application that I have developed for Chatter challenge and App Exchange. This application allows a salesforce user to share his location inside of salesforce using GPS based mobile phones. Later upon sharing the location in salesforce “Chatter” is used by peers to discuss and chat on that user’s location update.

Location Glimpse – Overview

  1. Its first Chatter based, REAL location sharing app. I said its real, because we are using Mobile phones with GPS to update location in salesforce, so no ip2location and reverse geocoding. Only accurate location via GPS.

  2. Integrated with a “3rd Party” Location Sharing “Mobile App” called
    “” to get real (GPS) location updates via Mobiles phones to Salesforce. This mobile app is available for Iphone, Android, and Windows Mobile. Blackberry app is coming soon.

  3. Salesforce users send location updates to their salesforce org via Mobile App.

  4. Chatter used through out this app to discuss,collaborate and plan meetings on location updates.

Location Glimpse – Presentation !

I prepared an online presentation to easily explain what the application is “in detail”. This presentation also contains the videos for various location glimpse screens in action. Please view this presentation for complete insight.

Click here to view ! 

Location Glimpse Architecture !

Location glimpse is basically made up of an inbound email handler, chatter + integration and a couple of visualforce pages. How all that fit into a picture is shown in this post.

Click here to view !

Location Glimpse – Videos !

I have created a couple of videos for

  • Giving a full fledged Demo of the application

  • To be user manual for various screens in the application.

Click here to view !

You can also subscribe to video channel for “Location glimpse”, here is the channel link

Your views !!

Let me know your views on this, its important for me. Thanks !!!

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