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Mystery behind exciting node names !

I recently used, the thing that surprised me most was node naming convention, which is pretty much like Heroku, that gives similar exciting names to your nodes, for example node names are like this only, for example platform allocates instances based on geographic locations on signing up, for example if I sign up from India, I will get most probably some instance like APX for ex. AP1, if the same sign up is done from North America, it would be NAX, ex. NA9.
As is based on same platform, so I was not sure about where the nodes are geographically located because of these strange node names like “power-efficiency-xxxx”. Firstly I thought as is meant to be a centrally available database, so the platform changed it self to be available across multiple geographic zones/locations(something which AWS gives). But this is not correct understanding, and I came a way to precisely know the node location via this stackexchange thread.
So if you want know the real node name on which your name is mapped, here are the steps

  • Goto System status page for Salesforce i.e.

  • Click on the link named “What instance am I using?”, show in red highlights in the image next.

    knowing which instance your org is running on
  • It will open a popup window, enter your node name only in the available text box and hit find. It will show up the real node name next. The screenshot below indicates the same for my org’s node “flow-app-6104” hosted on instance “AP1”

    knowing the real node name

Note: If you have recently signed up for a node, it might take a while to reflect on the above dialog.


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