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This page details all the open source projects, I have done so far around, Java and Web services. Here is the quick list and brief about all of them.

Project Name and Technical’s Brief Links
Salesforce Lookup Rollup Summaries

Technical’s : platform, Apex, Triggers
Simple and easy to embed Apex library on any object’s triggers to make rollups work on lookup and master detail fields.
Apex Fast XML DOM

Technical’s : platform, Apex,Xml DOM Lib

Spring 10 Apex Dom classes are nice on saving script statements. But they are little complex to do trivial XML handling tasks in Apex. This Apex based Xml Dom API will give a easy to use wrapper over Spring 10 Xml Dom classes.
HTTPS YUI Combo Service

Technical’s :Google App Engine, Java, Java Script

YUI Dependency Configurator is a great tool for getting a single unified JS or CSS instead of several files. Only problem with that is it doesn’t works over “HTTPS”. Browser’s like Internet Explorer fail to load a web page delivered over HTTPS having JS/CSS delivered over un-secure(HTTP) URLs.
Though YUI team left a great possibility to change the combo base for service. This project uses the same possibility to give a secure combo base wrapper over unsecure YUI Combo Service.
Log4j Gmail Smtp Appender

Technical’s :Java, Log4j

Log4j gives SMTPAppender for sending emails on logging. This SMTP Appender works good in most of the cases, except TLS/SSL SMTP setups. Gmail works on the same SSL/TLS setup, so any one who wants to configure the default log4j SMTPAppender with Gmail will be troubled with strange Java Mail errors.
Though this problem can be easily solved by writing a Log4j Custom Appender. This project provides the same i.e. a Custom Gmail SMTPAppender. This custom appender works on top of same standard log4j configuration file and leaves hole for further extensions too.
Tolerado Web Service client wrappers for Apache Axis 1.4
Technical’s :, java, Apache Axis 1.4, web services.
“TOLERADO” is Java based client side framework for better and fault tolerant use of Salesforce Web Service APIs. It integrates deeply with Apache Axis 1.4 stubs to decorate them with Fault Recovery, Caching and wrapper utilities
Tolerado Web Service client wrappers for Salesforce-WSC APIs
Technical’s :, java, WSC, web services.
“TOLERADO-WSC” is Java client side framework for better and fault tolerant use of SFDC WSC(Web Service Connector) APIs. It integrates deeply with Salesforce-WSC API to decorate it with fault tolerance, session caching and other utilities.

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