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Preview – Salesforce Debug Log Chrome Extension

Update (24-Feb-2015) : This extension is GA now, as most of the users are finding it tough to get into trusted testers programme. You can download the extension directly now from Chrome Web Store (link to listing)

We all developers use Salesforce debug logs to figure out fishy things in code. I sort of struggle with the way logs are presented currently, as its bit tough to make sense of all information.

This open source debug log indenter called “sIndent” is doing a great job in making logs more readable. But its not well connected to my salesforce org, I need a manual copy paste of debug log, which is extra effort and not very productive.

So, we decided to have a chrome extension, which could use goodness of “sIndent” and make it work more seamlessly with Salesforce. Out of some moon lighting effort by one of our smart developer Badan Singh, we managed to come out with a alpha release. Following is screenshot of the same:

Chrome Extension – Salesforce Debug Log View

Here are key features of this chrome extension

  • Connects to current salesforce org without asking for un/pass or OAuth flow, you just need to go on current salesforce tab to start using it.

  • Ability to watch for new logs, and show a clean update when they arrive.

  • Uses “sIndent” open source project, to show a clean indented view of logs.

  • Allows you to download the same as well.

Here is a quick demo video about the same :

Extension roadmap  ?

  • More polish on UI.

  • Ability to set change log levels, and set trace flags precisely i.e. just like Dev Console 

Change Log Levels (Dev Console)

  • Desktop notifications for new and specific debug logs.

  • Many more developer tools, we are just starting with debug log.

When this will be released ? 

We are using it in our team, testing and fixing bugs. Plan is to release it early next week. 

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