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Raffle Tickets as Dynamic NFTs

Bringing more transparency to Raffle tickets and their draws will be exciting. We achieved it using Blockchain (Polygon) and coding a custom ERC-721 Smart Contract. That mints Raffle tickets as NFTs and offers an NFT Smart contract API to draw winners.

High Level Requirements

This NFT Smart Contract was made for The Rebel Club (a community of NFT artists building artworks to fight social taboos). Here are the key requirements:

  1. Dynamic NFTs (not a single static image), will be like a certificate, indicating the name of the person to whom its allocated, and should reflect if the ticket is a winning one.
  2. The NFT could be tied to various IRL rewards like Mental Health Therapy, Event Tickets etc, that help and impact social taboos.
  3. These NFT tickets will be given to all community members and activists who are spending their time/energy as, i.e. Speakers in Twitter Spaces/Discord, Volunteers, and participants in various other initiatives.
  4. These tickets will also be given during various contests/events on Social Media, and IRL.
  5. The community managers will run a random draw regularly, and winners will be given access to therapy sessions and mental health experts.
  6. All the minted NFTs can be found on Open Sea here:

Technicals of the Raffle NFT

  1. It’s an ERC-721 based Smart Contract, deployed on Polygon mainnet (of-course to save gas).
  2. Minting of this NFT will never be public, as the club was not interested in selling it, but keep it as a give away to the community with social impact.
  3. A draw function is in the smart contract itself, which will assure transparency in winner selections, and all the written transactions can be easily seen on the smart contract, adding more to the TRUST.
  4. This is an on-chain NFT, that’s going to evolve in multiple states over the time, described below.
Freshly minted NFT, which goes to a wallet, and carries the First Name of the Owner.
A star will popup on top-left, when a NFT will win in a Draw. Each NFT can only win once, and will be excluded from next draw. Note, its same NFT that is changing its image, over the time, we are not minting new NFTs
Notice the “CLAIMED” stamp in middle bottom area, it will show up on the same winning NFT, that is claimed by the winner, i.e. the IRL goodie is delivered.
After a ticket is winning or in claimed state, the Metadata properties will reflect dates, and the reward. Again it’s all on-chain and dynamic on the same NFT.


Always looking to incorporate good ideas, feel free to reach us on socials, or drop a comment here.


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