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RECAP – Delhi Salesforce DG Meet – Zachary Jeans #SFIndiaTour, 22nd May

It was lazy and hot Sunday afternoon, which turned up well at New Delhi Salesforce DG meet. This meetup is having good agenda, and sessions lined up. Here are few quick bites

Kick off #SFIndiaTour

This meet kicked off #SFIndiaTour with Zachary Jeans. Zachary took an amazing initiative and is travelling multiple cities and DGs across India, between 22nd May – 1st June. 

I love this #Salesforce community! @newdelhisfdcdug at @Nagarro!
😀 @Apttus #SFIndiaTour platinum sponsors!

— Zachary Jeans ☁️ (@ZacharyJeans) May 22, 2016

On a personal level, it was good to know more about Zachery, as we got some decent time to spend and discuss his perspective on various internet of things and life.  I am surely impressed with Zachery’s approach towards life and learning his various life adventures were quite interesting and connecting.

Opening note by Atul Gupta 

Atul Gupta gave some insights about this meetup and state of DG in Delhi NCR region, and how he is working on Salesforce Saturdays and many other initiatives to boost community interactions and collaboration in the city.

Opening the New Delhi #SFIndiaTour meet-up!

— Zachary Jeans ☁️ (@ZacharyJeans) May 22, 2016

Chat with Zachery

Soon, we started chat session with Zachery, where he explained his #SFIndiaTour journey,  and perspective with us, followed by some Q&A with meetup attendees.

Chat with @ZacharyJeans at #SFIndiaTour

— Abhinav Gupta (@abhinavguptas) May 22, 2016

Amit Malik on Salesforce Certifications 

It was quite an interesting and eye opening speech by Amit, about Salesforce certifications and Lighting. I liked the part where he stressed to not hunt after dumps, and how to prepare correctly for a certification. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his session, and a good value was delivered here. Thanks Amit !

@amitmalikus Thank you very much for the Awesome session. Everyone is all praises for you 🙂
You are a Rockstar!!

— Atul Gupta (@atul31gupta) May 24, 2016

Message from Stephanie Herrera

Stephanie sent us a video message, where she introduced Salesforce Saturdays group and its members to us. It was inspiring and pleasure to connect in this way across the world, thanks Stephanie for the same.

Hello @steph_herrera_ and #SalesforceSaturday group! #SFIndiaTour

— Zachary Jeans ☁️ (@ZacharyJeans) May 22, 2016

Video Chat with SteveMo

This was quite a surprise to see SteveMo adjusting to timezone hit, and coming over for video chat with us. It was good discussion, and developers didn’t spared him with technical questions here as well 🙂

‘Get a developer org, and never stop exploring #Salesforce!’ –@SteveMoForce @Salesforce MVP #SFIndiaTour

— Zachary Jeans ☁️ (@ZacharyJeans) May 22, 2016

Mayank Srivastava’s Journey

Mayank dropped us a video message, which highlighted his inspiring journey from a QA engineer to a Salesforce developer, and how he got 11x certified. His journey is surely inspiring to many of those, who are chocked in their carers and willing to make a next move.

Huge props about #SFDC99 from @sriv_mayank to @dvdkliu at @newdelhisfdcdug #SFIndiaTour

— Zachary Jeans ☁️ (@ZacharyJeans) May 22, 2016

App Cloud & more from Kiran

Kiran from Salesforce developer relations team presented on App Cloud, and shared his ideas about communities and making collaboration even better.

@SfdcKiran you have inspired everyone here at the Meetup like never before. Quite a few want to give back now!!

— Atul Gupta (@atul31gupta) May 24, 2016

Salesforce Fundamentals book distribution

We had a good bunch of developers who are starting up with Salesforce. To kick start their Salesforce journey, fundamentals book was given to each of them.

#Salesforce Fundamentals Books distributed among #Salesforce Beginners
By @ZacharyJeans @abhinavguptas #SFIndiaTour

— Zachary Jeans ☁️ (@ZacharyJeans) May 22, 2016

Ending the day with few beers

No other way could be better to relax and chat at ease 😉

Perfect end to the @newdelhisfdcdug Meetup and the day. A cold beer. @SteveMoForce definitely missing you 😀

— Atul Gupta (@atul31gupta) May 22, 2016

Thanks to organisers, sponsors and presenters for making this meetup awesome.

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