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Redefining Self-Expression: Minting Selfies into NFTs

Selfies are crucial, especially during community events, when people are vibing with each other; we decided to put those moments on the blockchain, i.e. Mint them as NFTs without Crypto wallet hassles.

With that thought in mind, I started talking with the Salesforce Architect Summit team, and my team at Concretio decided to create a Web3 app and put up a QR code banner during the event on 1st April 2023.

Our goals were to make it seamless, i.e.

  • No prior knowledge of Crypto or NFTs is required.

  • No Crypto Wallet setup is needed.

  • A custodial wallet is created based on email, and the process completes in < 2 mins.

  • Have a look at the following video for a live demo

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