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Rich Visualforce Editor, major feature update live !

IMPORTANT: Author of this plugin might not get alerted for any comments made here on this blog’s comments section. I request you all to directly raise issue on the github repository for this product here :

For those who don’t know about Rich Visualforce Editor, its discussed in my previous blog post. On a high level it gives content assist support in visualforce.

New updates !!!

@AjayHada added a couple of new features to Rich Visualforce Editor, like :

  • Context sensitive help for visualforce tags, i.e. select the tag name and press “CTRL + 1”

  • Toolbar icons to quickly launch visualforce and apex developer guide right inside eclipse.

  • Contextual icons in content assist box for tags and attributes.

  • Update site support. Now updating the plugin is super easy.

Further details below about each update :

Context sensitive help for Visualforce tags !

Now if you need to know more about a visualforce tag you are currently coding around. Just select the tag name after “apex:”, as show below

rich visualforce editor context sensitive help by keyboard shortkey
rich visualforce editor help page opened

TODO : Please note, we are working on an enhancement that will open context sensitive help on a tag without selecting the tag name. It will be out soon in a week time.

Toolbar icons for Visualforce & apex developer guide

Two new toolbar icons are added to quickly launch Apex and Visualforce developer guide right inside eclipse.

toolbar icons to launch apex & visualforce developer guides in eclipse

Contextual icons in content assist box for tags and attributes.

Content assist box is beautified now to support different icons for tags and attributes as shown below.

tag icon in content assist

Update site support

Now less of manual intervention is required in updating the rich visualforce editor. It supports Update site from this version. To update, please follow these steps

  1. Goto “About Eclipse” dialog.  To get this dialog, Mac users “Eclipse > About Eclipse”, Windows/Linux users, “help > about eclipse”.

    About eclipse dialog
  2. Hit the “Installation details” button.

  3. Hit Update button in next dialog as indicated below. Please agree and complete the next screens on the update flow  :

    Dialog after hitting the update button


We are working in couple of more features as mentioned in TODO section of my previous post.

Feedback & Views

Looking forward to those !

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