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Running our own website & business on Salesforce 1 Platform

We got Salesforce enterprise license few months back, primarily with the goal to move our business on Salesforce platform.  It was quite an exciting experience to get your own Salesforce Enterprise edition org. A feeling that you are no more logging to just your any other dev org, but its your own Salesforce org for your very own business. It was very special when we created our very first custom object, field and sandbox 🙂 Its like having our own baby, after being a nanny for many years.

First thing we wanted to do for quite sometime, is use Salesforce sites to deliver Concretio corporate website, which actually happened pretty quickly. Thanks to the power and speed of development of Salesforce 1 platform, it agains feels good, when we as a Salesforce consulting company,  don’t need to spend too much of our resource’s hours in porting HTML/CSS to a dynamic website.

So the web address “” is actually ““, which is rendering crazy fast in a Visualforce page, with information about various site facets coming from different custom objects.

“VISUALFORCE” – did I just said that ?

Yes yes yes, please don’t hate me 🙂 We are big lightning fans, and we developed almost the full website via multiple Lightning components only. But later on came to know that, it will be Winter 17 release which will allow Lightning components to work in Sites Guest User mode. We were too excited about using Lightning components via “Lightning out” in VF as well. But its not too far, winter is coming 🙂

What else ? 

Apart from website, our lead management, and few other business operations are moving over to Salesforce now. We are specifically developing and maturing a lead management solution on our Salesforce instance, which we will look forward to list on AppExchange after practicing and bullet proofing on ourselves.


So far, I’m very pleased with the start and logging to your own Salesforce org, managing business, is a unique pleasure to enjoy on daily basis. Big thanks to Salesforce for creating such a wonderful ecosystem, which helped me groom from a developer to an entrepreneur and now a Salesforce customers. I’m sure its not just me and our business, and its not happening for 1st time, I saw many such transformations done to individuals by Salesforce.  Thanks again, and excited to do more crazy stuff in my Salesforce org.

For those whom I haven’t met personally and are new to my blog. Here is quick peek of my professional timeline with Salesforce.

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