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Salesforce Chatter Desktop client now available for download !


I was excited to see this update of Chatter Facebook page. Without any delays, I logged-in to my Salesforce org, to download chatter desktop client.

To install Chatter Desktop, GoTo :(Setup » Desktop Integration » Chatter Desktop).

Expectations set with Chatter Desktop Client

Chatter desktop download page has some interesting facts about the client, like

  • Receive automatic alerts when your feed gets updated

  • Update your status without going into your browser

  • Drag & drop files from your desktop right into Chatter

All features look good for first version of a desktop client. Receive automatic alerts was of prime interest for me, my expectation was something like yahoo messenger / google talk / Tweek Deck will popup on updates in chatter feed.

Chatter desktop experience

Chatter desktop’s setup was a small Adobe AIR setup file, it quickly downloaded and installed. On run, I saw this authentication screen, one can login to production or sandbox orgs. Chatter desktop uses Oauth to authorize with Salesforce. So you will see these 4 screens before the Chatter feed.


User interface shown next, is pretty clean >>>

As said by Salesforce, one can easily update status, upload files via drag/drop and comment on existing posts. I liked all of that, it was pretty easy and fast.

Enhancements expected from Chatter Desktop Client

I must say, it’s a good first version of Chatter desktop client. But for sure there is a lot of scope for improvements. Like :

  • A way to locate SObjects, I am following or I can follow. So we can have another tab like “SObjects”, that offers clean layout to give next level of filtering based on Account, Opportunities and Custom Objects names.

  • As of now, Chatter desktop throws user on web browser for almost everything expect comments and file upload. We can have some brief details about User(self/other) Profile & Sobject right in the client itself.

  • Any redirection to web browser, shouldn’t require login. As of now Chatter desktop URLs are not taking care of that.

  • I can’t see notifications working. Would love to see Tweet Deck style notifications with Chatter Desktop client too.

  • There should be clean way to logout, as of now their no clean way to logout and login to other org in Chatter desktop. I will explain, how to do so in other blog post.

  • Ability to login to multiple Salesforce org/accounts. Again I am Tweek deck fan, so having ability to login to multiple Salesforce Orgs at the same time will  help for sure.

What do you say ?

Do you feel enhancements mentioned in this post makes sense. If YES, please comment, we will groom them to SFDC IdeaExchange.

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