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Salesforce Weekly Digest (Week 1 Aug'23)

A recap of articles I noticed in the Salesforce universe in the past seven days

Can ChatGPT Replace a Salesforce Architect?

Talks about the architect role and how it compares to ChatGPT-based Architect. This post has an interesting set of prompts and how one needs more context and a human touch to deal with enterprise problems; things are not always black and white.

How To Increase Productivity & Collaboration with Slack

This video 1st of all is fun to watch 🥳, and keep your engaged instead of just throwing content without a feel. Here are some key points I liked:

  • Slack Swarming? aka Intelligent Swarming, brings the entire support team together in Slack to help solve customers’ complex problems.

  • Non-technical users can build 80% of workflows in Slack, simplifying tasks.

  • Slack can automate routine tasks and streamline support services, useful for IT professionals.

  • Create custom emojis and trigger workflows within Slack, allowing for personalised and efficient communication.

ElementsGPT – AI based user story and recommendations generation

Continue learning via article by Ian Gotts here –

Salesforce Launches Starter Suite, Simplifying CRM for Small Businesses

On 2nd Aug’23 Salesforce announced general availability of Starter, priced at 25 USD/User/Month.

  • Starter includes the essential features that small businesses need to manage their customers, such as contact management, lead generation, and sales forecasting.

  • Starter also integrates with popular productivity tools, such as Gmail and Slack.

  • For Marketing its very amazing to see Email Campaigns, Segmentation and Journey builder in place (very powerful).

  • It also has in-app guidance, which could be very handy for newbies.

Learn more :

Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce Data Cloud integration

  • This is the second post in a series discussing the integration of Salesforce Data Cloud and Amazon SageMaker.

  • Part 1 demonstrated how the Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein Studio integration with SageMaker allows businesses to securely access their Salesforce data.

  • SageMaker’s tools can be used to build, train, and deploy models to its hosted endpoints.

  • These endpoints are then registered to the Salesforce Data Cloud, enabling predictions to be activated within Salesforce.

  • The current post expands on this topic, demonstrating how to use Einstein Studio for product recommendations.

  • The integration can be used for traditional models as well as large language models (LLMs).

Learn more:

Everything Salesforce Einstein

This PDF by and hosted on, offers a very pricing and readiness for everything Einstein, a very important document to bookmark.

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