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Salesforce Weekly Digest: Einstein, Slack, Mulesoft | Week 2 Aug’23

A quick recap of key announcements, blogs and vides in Salesforce-verse

Major Salesforce Announcements

🔗 Einstein GPT for Developers in Closed Pilot

  • Salesforce’s generative AI solution is aimed at boosting developer productivity.

  • Can generate Apex code using natural language, with support for Lightning Web Component (LWC) coming soon.

  • Plans to make it available in Open Beta by Dreamforce 2023.

  • Unlike other AI coding tools, it’s trained on Salesforce-specific languages like Apex and LWC.

  • Ensures data and code stay securely within Salesforce.

  • Currently in a closed pilot phase, with general availability expected in October.

  • Future Capabilities: LWC support, predictive in-line code completion, code performance check, and conversational assistance.

🔗 Salesforce Launches Slack Sales Elevate

Slack Sales Cloud integrates with Sales Cloud, boosting productivity by enabling pipeline updates, real-time data, and notifications. It focuses on customers and closing deals, priced at $60/user/month, available for specific plans and editions.

🔗 Unlocking AI’s Potential through MuleSoft Integration and Automation

Research shows 27% of companies enhance productivity with AI while AI-adopting businesses are 90% more productive. Mulesoft enables data connection, delivering AI-driven personalised experiences and integrating various systems for customer interactions. Through governance and security, Mulesoft ensures safe AI use, promoting automation over manual checks. 

🔗 Introducing BYOM – use own data to train AI models

Einstein Studio gives businesses the power of personalised AI models to increase their earnings. Using DataCloud’s understanding of customers, it provides solutions for companies to train specific AI models themselves. This boosts customer happiness through unique, ETL-free infrastructure.

🔗 Drive Growth, Reduce Costs, & Build Customer Loyalty with Commerce GPT

  • 💡 Commerce GPT: Customised buying experiences, growth acceleration, cost reduction.

  • 📈 Integrates with Salesforce, boosting revenue and cutting costs.

  • 📦 Enables digital storefronts and personalises customer journeys.

  • 💡 Streamlines buying, optimises fulfilment and unifies customer view.

  • 🚀 AI features for tailored recommendations and automation.

  • 💡 Suits both B2B and B2C, leveraging AI, data, and CRM.

🔗 Salesforce launches XGen-Image-1, a model that converts text to images 

  • XGen-Image-1 demonstrates Salesforce Research’s dedication to innovation.

  •  Using images and visuals, this tool transforms how businesses communicate with and engage their audience. 

  •  It was created with a $75,000 budget, with TPUs and LAION dataset to transform poor images into high-quality ones. 

  • It uses a unique technique to combine several components, giving images a more realistic appearance and aligning them more rapidly. 

  • The performance and image quality of XGen-Image-1 are excellent when using precise recommendations and data.

🔗 Announcing the Salesforce Connect Adapter for GraphQL

  • Salesforce and Amazon collaborate for a unified platform, aiming to save developers’ time and connect data securely.

  • The latest Salesforce Connect adapter for GraphQL lets developers reference external data via a GraphQL API.

  • This eliminates the need for ETL tools, preventing data duplication between systems.

  • AWS AppSync manages the GraphQL layer for database interaction.

Salesforce Einstein GPT vs ChatGPT: Which AI is Better?

This video examines both ChatGPT and Salesforce’s Einstein GPT, focusing on their distinct features and functionality. It seeks to evaluate which AI technology may be considered superior.

Slack’s enterprise-focused redesign

  • Slack has unveiled a major redesign.

  • The update aims to make the platform more user-friendly.

  • New features include a simplified sidebar and improved search functionality.

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Merkle GenCX Integrates with Einstein GPT

  • Dentsu integrates Merkle GenCX with Salesforce Einstein GPT to enhance customer experiences using generative artificial intelligence (GAI).

  • The integration leverages proprietary data, large knowledge models, and third-party large language models to connect brands with customers.

  • GenCX is more than a chatbot; it reveals insights and answers complex questions, combining vast consumer data with GAI in a privacy-compliant manner.

  • Merkury, an identity resolution solution, was launched on the Salesforce AppExchange, allowing actionable insights and automation in marketing and commerce. AppExchange App –

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Salesforce Code Analyzer for AppExchange Security Reviews

  • AppExchange submissions now require Salesforce Code Analyzer scan reports for security reviews.

  •  Before submitting a managed package, developers must scan code with Salesforce Code Analyser.

  • Upload scan reports to the AppExchange Security Review Wizard along with the submission.

  • This change affects all private and public AppExchange managed packages.

  • Salesforce Code Analyser identifies security issues and code best practices.

  •  Scanning code enhances code quality, security, and speeds up review.

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Salesforce CLI Open AI Plug-in – Function Calling

  • The article by Bob Buzzard introduces a new Salesforce CLI plugin that leverages OpenAI’s capabilities, enhancing the functionality of Salesforce development.

  • The plugin allows developers to interact with OpenAI directly from the Salesforce CLI, providing examples and guidance on how to use it effectively.

  • The author emphasises the potential of this integration, highlighting how it can streamline development processes and offer innovative solutions within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Salesforce’s Web3 Co-Founder, excited about NFT Smart Tokens

  • Mathew Sweezey, co-founder of Salesforce’s Web3 Studio, becomes Chief Strategy Officer at Smart Token Labs.

  • His focus shifts to smart tokens (ERC-5169), combining NFT and smart contract features.

  • Sweezey aims to simplify Web3 onboarding using smart tokens, eliminating technical hurdles.

  • Smart Token Labs facilitates Web3 entry for companies via tokenization and its Smart Layer network.

  • The network supports creating interoperable smart tokens and digital experiences.

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Mulesoft for Salesforce Developers With Akshata Sawant

  • Akshata is a MuleSoft ambassador and now works as a Senior Developer Advocate at Salesforce.

  • Speaks on how MuleSoft grew from basic API integration to a powerful automation system.

  • Discover exciting features of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform: AI features and a Visual Studio Code plugin.

  • Learn about MuleSoft’s abilities and why it’s valuable for Salesforce developers.

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Salesforce Data Model Design and Implementation

In this Apex Hours session, Brian Shea talks about:

  • A well-designed data model in Salesforce is vital for scaling, effective automations, a user-friendly UI, and a straightforward security model. It’s essential for practitioners to be proficient in data modeling.

  • Creating a conceptual data model can enhance performance, user experience, and understanding of business data, and help identify redundancies, making it valuable for larger projects.

  • Enterprise data modeling in Salesforce is crucial to avoid redundancy, ensure accurate data across systems, and optimize performance through denormalization and governance processes. 

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