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Salesforce Weekly (Podcast Special) | Week3 Aug’23

In this weekly digest, we exclusively highlight recent Salesforce podcasts on various topics from diverse hosts. This may assist you in discovering quality content and new podcast hosts.

Amber Boaz on Slack Best Practices

17 August

Amber Boaz is a Slack Community Group Leader, Salesforce MVP, and Principal Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Giants.

  • Replace ineffective meetings with Slack: Utilize channels for updates, delay messages for time zones, and use Slack Connect for externals. Use huddles and video clips for troubleshooting and discussions, part of 10 ways to enhance meeting efficiency. 

  • Collaborate with clients in channels for coordination, decision-making, and work discussions. Automate messages for channel joins, reducing manual reminders. Implement engaging daily standup reports through Slack workflows with customisation options.

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SalesforceWay – Formula Share app

17 August

Xi Xiao is in conversation with Lawrence Newcombe, Lead Technical Architect at and Salesforce CTA.

He speaks about his AppExchange App FormulaShare, which configures rules to share to entities in formula fields and related records.

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Rise of Salesforce managed services

15 August

Ben Duncombe hosts Adrian Vogt and John Arnold speak of the Salesforce managed services.

  • They delve into the growing prevalence of managed services within the Salesforce ecosystem.

  • Explores the potential beneficiaries, essential considerations for companies, and why internal teams shouldn’t be apprehensive about externally managed service partners.

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Practical DevOps with Rob Cowell

14 August 

Julián Duque hosts a renowned DevOps advocate Rob Cowell; they discuss life in programming and Salesforce. 

🎧 — Episode 189: Practical DevOps with Rob Cowell | Salesforce Developers Podcast

Salesforce Cloud Development with Evelyn Grizzle

27th July

Evelyn Grizzle, Senior Salesforce Developer, joins Corey to delve into the exciting world of Salesforce development, using SOQL and SOSL to interact with the database and build front-end components.

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Avoiding Salesforce Anti-Patterns & Salesforce AI

23 July

Francis Pindar hosted Lars Malmqvist, Partner at Implement Consulting Group, a Salesforce CTA from Denmark, who is the master of Salesforce anti-patterns and generative AI.

  • It delves into Salesforce anti-patterns, challenging misconceptions like ‘declarative is always safe’ and uncovering other intriguing anti-patterns.

  • Also emphasise the significance of patterns and anti-patterns in creating robust Salesforce solutions. This makes this a must-listen for Salesforce professionals looking to navigate their careers and avoid common implementation pitfalls. 

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