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Salesforce Winter’11 Release – More guess work on whats coming next !

Salesforce releases are exciting for me, I am always eager to know whats coming next in this release. While writing some other blog post on “Chatter for Winter’11”, I was going thru Quinton’s blog post  on Salesforce blog. On a screen shot on this blog post, I noticed a few interesting things (might be related to Winter’11 release), those are highlighted in red circles in picture below


In the above image following are some noticeable changes in user interface

  • The most significant change seems to be in sidebar search, its intelligently moved next to LOGO section in the page. I liked this change, sidebar search is mostly lost on custom Visualforce pages that demand huge horizontal layout/width. So having search section at top like this makes it more accessible for sure.

  • The user name “Quinton Wall” next to search section, is having a small pull down arrow next to it. I guess this will open some intelligent options around a user like

    • “Viewing profile” :  This will for sure save some horizontal space at top and even will negate necessity of a dedicated tab to view profile.

    • Setup and System log can be other two menu options in this pull down.

  • Change in look and feel of “Available apps” drop down in the top right. Its beautified to look something more than a normal dropdown.

  • No side bar search : If search section is at top next to logo, then side bar can be used for many other things.

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