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Seriously "Struck – By – Trailhead" !

You read it correctly, it not “struck by lighting“, its “struck by trailhead“,  we love lightning a lot, but trailhead so far is such an amazing time saver to Concretio, that we can’t resist saying that. We recently presented and shared our thoughts about the same in Trailhead developer meet-up in India, where we shared with other partners and developers, how we are using Trailhead to internally educate our developers, and saving any class room training time for new hires coming from other platforms/language.

Thats not the only reason we’re struck by trailhead, and feeling so excited about it. Recently my team completed “Event Monitoring” module in trailhead, as it was an API first feature, we all got excited to beat Salesforce and deliver it before it comes anywhere in Salesforce UI. As most of the developers at Concretio are comfortable in AngularJS, REST, JSON combination,  we decided as team to add a new feature to our chrome extension named “Salesforce Tool Suite“. To my surprise, we were able to complete this new feature in less than a week, and its already released on Chrome Web Store (you can install extension in chrome and try). Please checkout following video which gives a quick glimpse of the feature. 

 Please note, we are not done with the feature yet, its just a first release, which lets any admin or developer download event log files. Coming up in next release is detailed charting and more meaningful ways to visualise the same information (stay tuned).

Now, you must be able to relate our excitement about Trailhead. I love the way my team gets excited and shares on Slack when they complete badges, learning and passion towards it on steroids now. Following is recent share from Aditya who joined Concretio recently, and comes with rich 3+ years of experience in PHP and web development.

Learning shining new Lightning Experience via Trailhead

I can’t be unfair with Lightning, after stealing and tweaking the punchline “struckbylighting” to “struckbytrailhead”. Salesforce is getting a major revamp in terms of UX and performance via Lightning experience on every device i.e. on desktop as well in coming release. Its quite possible, that you are not sure what is this new Lightning experience all about, and how does it relates to you ? Don’t worry trailhead team, is ready with few new trails/modules for everyone starting from a hardcore developer, to an admin or an end user (Sales rep). We are completing all the modules to make sure we don’t miss the point and click part, before going deep into coding, and I’m sure you would like to do the same. Here are quick links for your reference to get started with Lighting experience in Trailhead. 


Admin Trail – Starting with Lightning Experience (3 modules)

Start your journey to becoming a new Salesforce Admin with the new Lightning Experience. This trail is designed for brand new admins whose company purchased a new Salesforce org that has Lightning Experience enabled. (start here)

Admin Trail – Migrating to Lightning Experience (4 modules)

Increase the productivity of your sales team by migrating your existing org to the new Lightning Experience. This trail is geared toward existing Admins who will be migrating their existing org to Lightning Experience. (start here)


Developer Trail – Lightning Experience (5 modules)

Build apps fast for Lightning Experience with Visualforce, components, and new design resources (start here)

End Users (Sales reps)

Sales Rep Trail – Using Lightning Experience (2 modules)

Learn how to use the new Salesforce to sell lightning fast in as few clicks as possible. (start here)

Hope you are not forgetting to share your hard earned badges on Social media, and company’s slack/chatter 🙂 

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