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Steve Gillmor left techcrunch for salesforce !

Its pretty interesting to see Marc Benioff convinced Steve Gillmor to join Salesforce. It must be hard to convince a extremely popular tech journalist move to a CRM company. Marc did a great job here and its pretty exciting to wait and watch what comes up new after getting Steve in salesforce.

Though I was little disappointed by the words Techcrunch used for Marc and Steve in this article and video. I think its highly un-professional act from a giant like Techcrunch, they sound like a Kid crying and complaining after loosing a toy.

Lucrative offer can be a big reason, but still there should be something more interesting and lucrative in other sense that made Steve join salesforce. I appreciate generosity of Steve, he will still write an article/week for Techcrunch.

In end I would just say, Marc did a brilliant job and awesome addition to the sfdc team. I am excited about this and waiting for some more cool stuff to come.

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