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Take aways from Salesforce Noida Developer Meetup !

Noida meetup was great opportunity to connect with peers. We had good presentations and knowledge exchange, here is the briefing of those presentations

Kavindra’s presentation

Kavindra showed how platform has evolved in social, mobile and other areas. Few key points from his presentation are

  • India developer community has grown to nearly 100,000 developers.

  • community is using social media IDs more than classic email IDs for connecting.

  • 50 Crore API calls handled by servers on daily basis now.

  • App Exchange evolution

    • 1500 applications built.

    • 1 million Installs recorded.


Ankit Arora’s presentation

Ankit explained his journey as developer to MVP. He shared how to become a vibrant community member and what are the various channels and sources to stay tuned. Here are key points from his presentation

  • Using social channels like Twitter/Facebook to not only stay updated about the platform. But to ask questions as well using the #askforce hash in twitter.

  • Discussion about github, codeshare and other medias to get best community crafted solutions.

  • Contributing to community via boards and social channels.


My Presentation

I was less of presenting and more of coding in my time slot as well My goal was to show how easily one can develop a RESTful web services backend for a mobile application in platform within few mins. So we ended up developing this RESTful backend for a small “Developer Meetup” Mobile application, this application tracks developer events and attendees participating in the events. The small exercise we did LIVE involved

  • Signing up for a new developer edition org (started from scratch)

  • Using Schema Builder to create 2 sobjects.

  • Using local chrome extension “Rest Console” to demo CRUD operations on these new Sobjects via standard REST services.

  • Created an Apex rest service with some advance logic to cater complex requirements of business.

  • Again demoed the same using the Chrome “Rest Console” extension.

All this was done in span of 30-40 mins. Food for thought left for audience was : “If they can develop the same application on any other platform like Java, .NET, PHP etc, in same or lesser time, with same features like”

  • Live on WWW

  • Scalable

  • Secure, supports Oauth and other enterprise grade security norms

  • Maintainable, doing updates and patches is easy and quick.

Navatar’s presentation

Navatar team i.e. Saurabh and Arun presented on their DEAL connect platform, which is  “the free global online marketplace for collaborating on middle market transactions.”, more details here


I would like to thanks Kavindra and Navatar team for making this event happen. Special thanks goes to Quinton Wall and Josh Birk

Photos from the event are available at this Developer Force Facebook Album

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