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Thanks #IndiaDreamin17 and Zachary Jeans (#SFIndiaTour)

Last two days were quite amazing, as an #IndiaDreamin17 attendee, speaker, and sponsor, I am taking back good motivation, memories and conversations with my favourite people in Salesforce community. Thanks and congratulations Vinay and Shiv!

It’s quite amazing and exciting to witness two Indian community-driven events (i.e. Jaipur Developer Fest and India Dreamin’) happening in < 6 months. Extreme hard work and passion of volunteers, who are the life-line and driving force for such events, is beyond my imagination, and thank-you will be a trivial word to appreciate the same.

Though, I would like to pause for few minutes to remember and appreciate #SFIndiaTour from Zachary Jeans. He brought amazing energy and vibration throughout the India, which touched many lives deeply, especially the Indian #WIT boost, it’s quite delightful to see many unknown faces are community rockstars now. The following collage is a quick recap of some interesting moments during #SFIndiaTour.

I still remember those interesting and motivating conversations with Zachary, one of those discussions was having a community-based event in India, just like other dreamin events happening worldwide, on an exotic location like Goa 🙂 I was not sure about it at that time, but the thought stayed back with me. After few months, because of unparalleled support from Salesforce community and leaders like Ankit, Bhavani, Durgesh and Gaurav, we were able to pull-off  Jaipur Developer Fest (#JDF17) in April 2017. The following video is lovely JDF17 invite from Zachary 

Zachary was missed at #JDF17, and I was hopeful to see him at #IndiaDreamin17 as well. Hopefully, we will host him in India again in 2018. 

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Zachary for igniting the spark and touching so many lives in India during #SFIndiaTour. I am sure you must be proud of Indian #WIT revolution, #JDF17 and #IndiaDreamin17. 

See you soon!

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