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The Power of Salesforce’s Automotive Cloud with AI and Data Innovation

By the end of this decade, connected vehicles will make up 95% of the new vehicles sold around the globe. 

Presently, connected cars are producing around 25 gigabytes of data every hour. This data is essential for automotive companies to leverage in order to deliver the customized experiences customers anticipate and create new sources of revenue.

Automotive Cloud

In line with this growing demand for data utilization, Salesforce has recently introduced the Automotive Cloud to assist automotive companies in utilizing data and AI to enhance in-car personalization, manage fleets, and simplify auto lending and leasing.

The keynote session at Dreamforce this year also emphasised this announcement.

The operational process of the Automotive Cloud

The Automotive Cloud consolidates data from vehicle telematics, service records, and customer information for automakers. This unified data drives the development of new functionalities that offer a real-time, contextualised insight into a vehicle’s operations, ensuring each driver receives a genuinely personalised experience.

Industry leads like TOYOTA  use Automotive Cloud to boost their customer experiences. 

“With real-time data, trusted AI, and automation, we’re bringing the automotive industry one step closer to a future where software-defined vehicles are the norm,” said Achyut Jajoo, SVP & GM of Automotive and Manufacturing.

Automotive Cloud’s offerings to the Automakers

Connected Vehicle Visualization

  1. Facilitating real-time visualization of a vehicle’s connected features and services.
  2. Assists automakers in improving in-car experiences, including remote assistance.
  3. Introduce relevant new services to consumers, such as informing them about a complimentary park assist trial.

Actionable Telematics

  1. Enable automakers to monitor telematics data like vehicle location, speed, fuel, battery usage and utilise automation to detect and alert customers to changes in their car’s status.
  2. For instance, Automotive Cloud can interpret vehicle data, like increased Revolutions Per Minute (RPMs) or loss of tire pressure, and automatically alert the driver through the infotainment console to warn about potential safety concerns.

Secure Data with Data Cloud

  1. With the Salesforce Data Cloud, Automotive Cloud securely links diverse data sources such as telematics and dealership management systems.
  2. Establishes a unified, real-time data foundation for automotive companies.
  3. Facilitates the creation of connected vehicle and driver experiences.

Einstein Studio

  1. Einstein Studio facilitates the creation and training of personalized AI models for automakers.
  2. Using these custom AI models with connected car data enables automakers to deliver predictive insights.

Automotive Cloud’s offerings to the fleet owners and automotive finance teams

Fleet Management

  1. Provides fleet owners with a unified overview of their entire fleet.
  2. Simplifies the creation of fleet action plans, including routing and driver assignments.
  3. Notifies about alerts, such as maintenance warnings, for proactive management.
  4. Furnishes insights on completed trips, driver conduct, and additional data for informed fleet planning and enhanced performance.

Automotive Cloud for Captive Finance

  1. Provides a comprehensive perspective on a driver’s automotive financial status, including household auto loans, lease accounts, and linked vehicles.
  2. The Automotive Loan and Lease Console enables auto lenders to ease customer service through automation and engages customers by providing personalized, timely information about lease renewals, payment reminders, and service appointments.
Automotive Console

The Mercedes-Benz Journey

Mercedes-Benz, a Salesforce Automotive Cloud customer, embarked on a transformation journey that began a couple of years ago. This collaboration unfolded when the automotive manufacturer conducted an analysis to identify areas for potential optimisation and opportunities for enhancement.

Mercedes Benz uses Salesforce Automotive Cloud

Timo Bularczyk, Director of Global Operations at Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG said “There’s no doubt that the future is fully electric and fully connected. We have more and more devices where we get data from. It’s up to us to make use of that data, to ensure that we can offer the right product at the right time to our customers.“

  • “With Salesforce, we have ‘out of the box’ scalability with standard processes that we can use throughout the globe, and we enrich that with the data that we are getting from all of the different sources to create that luxury journey with unstandard processes.”
  • “With the replacement of legacy [systems], we could pull data together much better. We started the journey together with Salesforce Professional Services. They came in and they helped us to refine our strategy, gain confidence on the way forward, and ensured that we have the right skills in place to go on that journey together.”
  • “Automotive Cloud helps us with the standardization of our data.”

Expressing thoughts on this occasion,

Amanda Palmay, Senior Director, Strategy, Planning and Innovation, Toyota said;

“Everything in the industry today is being driven by software. Our customers expect connected, personalized experiences not only in their cars, but however and wherever they are interacting with us. Automotive Cloud will make it easy to provide these exceptional experiences for our customers.”


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