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Tolerado for WSC now works with Google App Engine !

This was a long time TODO, to integrate Tolerado for WSC with Google App Engine also. I am glad to share that its no more a TODO, all code changes are done to Tolerado framework and latest jars are available for download.

How to setup Tolerado for GAE

Setup is really trivial, we just need to tell Tolerado the right Http Transport to pass to WSC Connector.

For fine details on how to setup Tolerado with Google App Engine, please check this guide. Though this setup is really trivial, you just need to make following “one line” call from any startup java code for ex. Servlet Context Listener or any other code that gets executed before creating Tolerado Stubs. I usually prefer static blocks to save explicit calls.

static {
  ToleradoStub.WSC_HTTP_TRANSPORT = GaeHttpTransport.class;

A detailed code snippet about using Context listener for the same is available here.

Config files vs Java Code

Many of us prefer configuration files instead of Java code based configuration. I really hate config files. Still if you want me to release a config file to control HTTP TRANSPORT for WSC, please let me know.


Any other suggestions, issues please let me know.


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