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Tolerado WSC integration close to complete !

I mentioned few days back about starting integration of Tolerado with WSC. The latest updates on this integration are

  • Tolerado-WSC is code complete [beta* :)]. I am testing the API now.

  • Junit test cases : I missed Junit test cases in the first Tolerado release for Apache Axis. But this time I am writing Junit test cases for all the WSDLs like partner, metadata, apex and enterprise. This will keep me more confident on ensuring stability of new Tolerado releases. Will migrate the same tests on Tolerado for Axis.

If you want to take a peek into the code, here is the link to the SVN source. This source is in form of complete eclipse project that you can directly checkout into Eclipse. How to checkout, please check this getting started guide.

Please tell me any new ideas or review comments, if you have on the WSC Tolerado Code.


For more info on “Tolerado”, please follow these pointers

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