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Tolerado WSC now gives transparent batcher support for Salesforce Partner APIs !

One can’t persist more than 200 records in one web service call using Salesforce Partner calls like create()/update()/upsert(). You will stumble upon this error on such attempts

“EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT: record limit reached. cannot submit more than 200 records into this call”

The solution to this is to use a batching mechanism as described in the Salesforce Cookbook here : This batching recipe code sample is giving simple abstraction to batching for update/create calls and is really easy to port to your production app, because its not dramatically changing the code design.

Transparent Batching available in Tolerado for WSC !

I thought Tolerado for Salesforce WSC should also make best use of this delicious Batching recipe. So, the same batching is ported to Tolerado PartnerStubs. Here are highlights of this port :

  • Batching available to all create()/update() and even upsert() calls.

  • Batching is made available transparently. Being transparent here means, client code using ToleradoPartnerStub will not change at all, “batching will come into play automatically if number of records are more then 200

Updated Tolerado Jars are available in download area

For those who want more fine technical details on batcher implementation, please check these classes:

Your views ?

Would love to hear your views/suggestions/feedback on this !

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