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Tolerado’s Release 1.1 – Added Plug and Play Support for Salesforce WSDLs!

Tolerado 1.1 release is available for download on Google code project now. The highlights of this release is

  • “Plug and Play Salesforce WSDLs” :- What that means is now you can plug any of the partner, enterprise, metadata and apex WSDLs on top of tolerado-core-x.x.jar.

  • Supports Enterprise WSDL : Now you can create cached and fault tolerant client implementations for your SFDC Enterprise WSDL also.

Previously “Tolerado 1.0” was just a single Jar file tolerado-x.x.jar, that enforces people to use WSDL2Java stuff for Apex and Metadata WSDLs also. Many of us don’t  need all these stubs while working with Salesforce APIs, for ex. one might be working with partner wsdl, then why get stuff related to metadata and apex wsdls.

The diagram below indicated how Tolerado jars can be best used for a web service project.


For more info on “Tolerado”, please follow these pointers

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