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Trailhead Updates: Exploring new contents and features !

TrailHead was launched at Dev Keynote in Dreamforce 2014, and its pretty handy single link for me to point out college graduates, and new to Salesforce developers. In past I tried creating some open source guides on github, which were honestly a boring way to start learning about Salesforce 1 platform.

Trailhead is recently updated with 2 new modules, and more fun learning ways.

New Trailhead Modules

Following two new modules are launched recently i.e.

  1. Data Security

  2. Change Management 

In my opinion “Data Security” is mostly ignored by new developers, and they learn it hard way, when customer complains about it or someone sees what he shouldn’t. Concepts in this module should be learned sooner rather later, and i’m glad this module is part of beginners trail “Getting Started with the Platform”.

Similarly “Change management” module introduces you to some best practices, which are usually learned from experience, usually bad 🙂 Topics like safe changes in production, and change sets are really important. Equally critical practice to follow is enforcing design standards in org and development teams, I tried covering some of that in my previous blogs, but its good to see all this coming together in trailhead learning paths, which looks more natural way to learn in a flow.

Challenging yourself by doing !!

For quite a while, we at Concretio are training ourself on various programming topics, using online learning platforms like, and Pluralsight etc. We so far liked CodeSchool a lot, because every module ends up in a online coding challenge, which really makes sure we got the concept. 

We got similar fun experience at Trailhead, its not a simple read or watch video type platform. It offers more interactive way to learn by coding(Apex/VF) or configuring in a connected Developer edition org, which are then validated before issuing points for completing a module

Now, you also got multiple choice questions before completing a module step. Good part is you can’t blindly hit and try multiple choice questions, you loose points for wrong attempts 🙂

Still reading this post, time to hit trailhead and score some reputation. 

Go go go :

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