AI & Evolving Customer Trust Dynamics

Source: Salesforce's 'State of the Connected Customer' Study, 6th Edition @abhinavguptas @abhinavguptas


of customers believe generative AI can enhance companies' customer service.


of customers are willing to embrace AI for enhancing their experiences in 2023. @abhinavguptas

of customers believe that AI advancements increase the importance of company trustworthiness.

68% @abhinavguptas


of customers trust AI to be as accurate as a human. @abhinavguptas

of customers express concerns about unethical AI practices.

74% @abhinavguptas


of customers believe that increased transparency in usage can enhance trust in AI. @abhinavguptas

of customers favor involving a human in reviewing and validating AI outputs.

80% @abhinavguptas


of customers insist on knowing if they're talking to AI or a human. @abhinavguptas

of customers believe that Generative AI could introduce new data security risks.

75% @abhinavguptas


of customers believe that solicitation of customer feedback can deepen trust in AI. @abhinavguptas


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