Einstein AI's impact on Salesforce

Einstein GPT for Sales

1. Boost sales through automation.

2. Replace web forms with real-time chats.

3. Spot unlikely closing opportunities.

4. Prioritize leads, gain insights, streamline CRM data.

Einstein GPT for Service

1. Create articles from case notes.

2. Automate case prediction and routing with recommendations.

3. Boost support with AI chatbots for customer satisfaction.

Einstein GPT for Marketing

1. AI content for personalised engagement.

2. Multi-platform customer outreach.

3. Use customer insights,  and intelligent pathways.

Einstein GPT for Commerce

1. Predict intent & precise recommendations.

2. Refine targeting through interests.

3. Create descriptions and automate support.

4. Boost conversions with detailed info.

Einstein GPT for CRM Analytics

1. Build AI apps and deploy custom ML predictions.

2. Extract keywords and use them in predictive models.

3. Utilise Snowflake for Salesforce predictions.

Einstein GPT for
Admin & Developers

1. Enhance productivity with Salesforce's language model.

2. AI chat for code and language queries.

3. Develop AI-driven interactions and workflows on Salesforce.

Abhinav Gupta
Salesforce MVP(8x) & Enthusiast, Founder Concret.io


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