Key Announcements


Einstein 1 Platform

1. AI-driven platform, leverages data, develop low-code AI apps, revolutionize CRM.

2. Unified toolkit for AI integration.

3. Support 1000s of metadata enabled objects per customer. 

Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses

1. Free licenses for Sales & Service Cloud Customers (Enterprise/Unlimited edition).

2. Includes 2 Tableau creator licenses & Data Cloud for 10,000 profiles.

Einstein Copilot

1. AI assistant integrated into Salesforce's applications right-hand rail.

2. Enables actions beyond queries, e.g., sales call plans, and knowledge articles.

Einstein Copilot Studio

1. Elements: Prompt, Skills, Model Builder.

2. Prompt: Create, deploy AI prompts.

3. Skills: Grant Generative AI to
users in Flows.

4. Model: Select AI models,
including LLM.

New Slack Innovations

1. Slack AI: Thread summaries, channel recaps, search answers.

2. Automation: Workflow Builder streamlines work.

3. Slack Lists: Track projects, product launches, handle approvals.

Data Graphs

1. Data Graphs in Data Cloud help visualize the complex data relationships between Data Model Objects.

2. In Prompt Builder, Data Graphs work similarly to merge fields.

Net Zero Cloud

1. Net Zero Cloud eases ESG reporting amid regulations.

2. New: CSRD Report Builder, Materiality Assessment.

3. Einstein for Net Zero Cloud in Spring 2024.

New Industry Cloud: Life Sciences Cloud

1. Cloud dedicated for the life sciences sector.

2. Tailored architecture to expedite onboarding on the Salesforce platform.

Creating Million Jobs by 2028

1. IDC predicts Salesforce to gain $2.02 Trillion revenue by 2028.

2. 18M global jobs, net gain of 11.6 Million employees by 2028.

Salesforce & Google Partnership

1. Tailored content in Google Workspace & Salesforce.

2. Keep Salesforce records current with Google Workspace.

3. Efficiently scale automation processes.

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