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Web3 Crypto Donations using SF Experience Cloud

The key idea was to let donors make anonymous crypto donations through smart contracts on the blockchain, with reporting and management capabilities available for Salesforce admins and management teams.

The goal is to integrate a decentralised app (DApp) that accepts crypto donations via global communities, allowing for worldwide crypto payments without needing a crypto exchange, using a smart contract and a compatible popular crypto wallet like Metamask.

Donors can make anonymous crypto donations through a smart contract on the blockchain, with reporting available for Salesforce admins to track donations and the option to park or move donations to an admin wallet. This is a website powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Salient features

  • Donate as a guest(anonymous) or logged-in user, connect your Metamask wallet, and fill in basic details like your name.
  • The admin can manage donations in Salesforce Experience Cloud. Like viewing recent donations, tracking daily summaries, and withdrawing funds from the Smart-Contract balance.
  • When deploying the contract, the owner’s address is stored, and only withdrawals to the owner’s address are allowed for security reasons, with the possibility of adding features to support withdrawals to authorised individuals in the future.
  • Logged in Experience cloud users can access additional functionalities.


  • We coded a custom Smart contract and integrated it via Web3 Libraries into Salesforce Experience Cloud, and Crypto wallets like Metamask.
  • This Smart Contract is capable of storing ETH donations
  • Smart Contract was initially done on ETH blockchain but later migrated to Polygon(MATIC) to save gas fees.

Future roadmap

Issue a dynamic on-chain NFT as a receipt of appreciation in the future.

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