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Widening Trusted Testers Programme – Salesforce Debug Log Chrome Extension

Update (24-Feb-2015) : This extension is GA now, as most of the users are finding it tough to get into trusted testers programme. You can download the extension directly now from Chrome Web Store (link to listing)

If you missed our last post, we are talking about a new Chrome Extension for viewing debug logs. If its still sounding unfamiliar, please read this post first, or if you like videos, this youtube video can give good overview.

As we posted last week, we are testing this plugin and collecting feedback in a closed trusted tester group. We believe now plugin is in decent shape, so we want to open it to a bigger group, so we are inviting more enthusiasts who want to participate in the trusted tester programme.

Joining Trusted Tester Group

If this sounds good to you and want to explore this plugin, please go thru following steps.

1. Join this Google Group, please use the Chrome web store gmail id for joining the group.

If you are not sure what is your chrome web store gmail id, please find by visiting web store and checking the top right corner (screenshot below)

2.  After joining the group with correct email address, you can see the extension in Chrome WebStore, and install it by clicking this link.

Where is the extension ? 

You will only see this extension on salesforce pages. Watch out for an icon in omni box to start using the same (screenshot below)

How to launch chrome extension

Sharing feedback, bugs and ideas

We would love to hear that. You can easily do it within plugin itself, as indicated in screenshot below.

Posting Ideas, Bugs and Feedback on Chrome Extension

Your privacy !!

We understand importance of privacy, thus your email will never revealed to any of peer group members or any other person or company.

Group settings are tweaked to 

  • Disallow members to see each other.

  • All posts will be moderated to avoid spamming attempts. 

We will use this group to shoot you email updates about this extension, if you don’t like emails, you can always disable it in the Google Group settings.

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